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    Founded in 1964, the MSA at UCLA fosters a space for Muslim students on the UCLA campus. The MSA provides religious services, advocates on behalf of Muslim students on campus, and provides opportunities for students to give back to their community.  


    The MSA is a thriving student community engaging the campus and the greater society through community service, outreach, and educational projects. Its diverse constituencies find an environment away from home in the MSA that stretches far beyond simply an "organization." It is a community, a space where Muslim students can feel comfortable growing and engaging their campus in a focused manner. As a cultural group, MSA adds a valuable voice to UCLA, one that speaks for its Muslim students, seeks to dispel harmful myths, and is committed to broadening horizons all around.


    As a community, MSA develops leaders who use their education as a tool with which to engage their peers and further empower themselves. As part of a whole, MSA strives to build bridges with other communities to maintain meaningful dialogues. Thus, the MSA is a cultural, social, political, and philanthropic vehicle that produces individuals who fulfill not only the vision of MSA, but ultimately the mission of USAC and the University as a whole. The MSA is capable of achieving these results by establishing itself as an umbrella organization of five diverse projects; MAPS, AMPD, UMMA, IYTP, and Al-Talib.




    Congregational prayers take place at our designated prayer location behind Kerckhoff Hall (between Kerckhoff and Engineering IV). Prayer mats can be found inside the MSA office, located at Kerckoff 146.



    Here are the times for congregational prayers:


    Dhuhr: 1:15 PM

    Asr: 5:30 PM

    Maghrib: 15 min after adhan

    Isha: 9:00 PM



    Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayers 

    Jumu'ah prayer is held in the John Wooden Center Pyramid Room 


    The Khutbah begins at 1:15pm. Salat Al-Jumu'ah begins at 1:45pm, iA.


    Late Jumu'ah takes place behind Kerckhoff at 2:10pm, iA.


    Check out past events we organized!

    UCLA MSA End of The Year Banquet

    2015-2016 has been such a great year alhamdulillah, what better way to end it other than with a anquet!​

    First Annual Alumni Networking Night

    The Academic, Mentorship, & Professional Development (AMPD) Project at UCLA MSA along with the UCLA Muslim Alumni Association (UMAA) are hosting their 1st Annual Alumni Networking Night on Monday May 23rd.


    Mark your calendars for the following upcoming events!

    All the events of the 2016-2017 Academic Year!

    Stay tuned!

    Sisters Pool Hours During Session C

    at UCLA!

    Friday 6:15-8:15, come out and enjoy a swim in this hot summer!


    For a more comprehensive look at upcoming events, see our calendar.

    (You can also add it to your Google Calendar)



    MSA UCLA is blessed to have the guidance of two university chaplains, as a part of a regional chaplaincy initiative by the Institute of Knowledge.

    IOK's Regional Chaplaincy Initiative

    Aiming to provide spiritual counsel to Muslims on campus

    Shaykh Jamaal Diwaan (left) and Shaykha Muslema Purmul (right)


    Alhamdulillah, we are excited to welcome Shaykh Jamaal Diwaan and Shaykha Muslema Purmul into our MSA family as chaplains. They join us as a part of a regional initiative by the Institute of Knowledge in Walnut to provide this vital service to universities in the Greater LA Area.



    Jamaal Diwan holds a BA in Third World Studies from UCSD & a law degree in Sharia from al-Azhar, and Muslema Purmul completed her undergraduate studies at al-Azhar University and is a teacher and public speaker on issues related to Islam. Both are very well known to the Muslim community in Southern California and beyond.


    They conduct lectures, give halaqas, and provide general counsel to the MSA community. Students can also schedule 1-1 office hours with a chaplain.


    For more information about the chaplaincy initiative, please visit 

    IOK's website.


    See the various projects that operate under MSA's umbrella that provide service to the community, or perspective on pertinent issues. Our projects are housed in the UCLA Community Programs Office and UCLA Student Media.

    Al-Talib News-Magazine 

    Editor-in-Chief: Chakib Mouzaoui

    Website: http://al-talib.org/

    Email: ccasabal@media.ucla.edu


    Al-Talib provides an independent perspective on issues important to Muslim communities. Targeting a college-age audience, we seek to create an outlet for activism on and off campus, a platform for representation of all facets of the Muslim-American communities and a safe space for sensitive topics. We believe that this sort of dialogue, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times, is necessary in order for our community to appreciate and celebrate its diversity.


    Incarcerated Youth Tutorial Project

    Project Director: Preeya Mehta

    Email: iytp.ucla@gmail.com

    Facebook Group: LINK


    The Incarcerated Youth Tutorial Project was created with the goal of providing education to historically marginalized communities. In order to achieve this goal, we tutor and mentor high school students of the Boyle Heights community at Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School as well as incarcerated youth at Camp Fred Miller. By tutoring them in math, reading, or even career planning, our goal is that the children of these communities graduate high school and find ample job opportunities. Email us at iytp.ucla@gmail.com if you are interested. We would love to have you!


    Mentors for Academic and Peer Support

    Project Director: Leonard McDaniel

    Email: maps.ucla@gmail.com

    Facebook Group: LINK



    MAPS is dedicated to improve youth education in Los Angeles.MAPS was founded by the MSA at UCLA in 2000 to strengthen educational equity and inter-community activism.


    The project takes an active role in improving U.S schooling system. MAPS provides college counseling and academic development as well as critical discussions and field trips.

    UMMA Volunteer Project

    Project Director: Omran Gdara

    Email: umma@cpo.ucla.edu

    Facebook Group: LINK



    UVP's mission is to promote the well-being of the underserved by providing access to high-quality healthcare for all, regardless of ability to pay. UVP envisions itself as part of a larger network of institutions addressing the health and well-being of the underserved and indigent, mindful of the cultural, spiritual, social and economic realities that impinge upon them and the traditional barriers to accessing care.


    Academic Mentorship and Professional Development

    Project Director: Sarah Kanee

    Email: ampd@msabruins.com


    AMPD provides MSA UCLA members services and resources to become stronger muslim leaders in the academic and professional spheres through free textbook loans and study notes, peer and alumni mentorships, pre-professional workshops and internships. Our peer mentorship program pairs incoming students with the upperclassmen and guides them through the Muslim college student experience. Students are further guided towards the profession they are interested in through internships, pre-professional workshops and an annual networking event.


    AMPD Book Request: LINK


    Project Director: Ayman Ahmed

    MaHabba is a convert care program and was established at UCLA in 2015. Our mission is to create institutional change from within the Muslim community in the ways we provide support and resources to Muslim converts and reverts.


    Rofida Rakha



    Nasima Khan

    Internal Vice President


    Sohaib Kazmi

    External Vice President


    Farhaad Khan



    Kawsar Nasir Ahmad



    Omar Arafat

    Public Relations Director


    Hannan Mohammed

    Sisters' Activities Director


    Mahmoud Shukry

    Brothers' Activities Director


    Amna Rasheed

    Outreach Coordinator


    Ali Abdul Rehman Unar

    Programming Director



    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know!

    Looking to contact a specific board member? It may be more efficient to email them directly!


    "Those who [in charity] spend their wealth by night and by day, secretly and publicly - they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve." [2:274]


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